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S&A Stylianou Florist Suppliers Ltd installs BTMS software

S&A Stylianou Florist Suppliers Ltd installs BTMS software

S & A Stylianou Florist Suppliers LTD was founded in 1999 and since then agrees with the latest lines of modern design in the field of decoration. While the company and its needs grow every year the implementation of BTMS Financial Management System will provide the ideal tool for the company to speed up and improve the daily business operations. 

	BTMS Accounting Software System is developed and designed based on the specific demands and needs of the Cypriot market. It is a modern, highly automated, fully integrated, user friendly, complete accounting software solution. Utilizing our experience in business software we have been able to design a system that fully meets the increasing needs and demands of the Cypriot market using technology to help our customers improve their daily business processes making them simple, fast and secure.


BTMS has established its presence in the market over the last 13 years.

  • BTMS Software Solutions are developed by Cypriots based on the local market needs while complying with all local laws and legislation.
  • All BTMS software Solutions are developed, sold and supported solely by BTMS without any third parties being involved in any phase of the process.
  • Our programs are fully customizable given each customer’s needs. We like to listen our customers needs and ideas.
  • We offer our solutions in very competitive prices.
  • As a company BTMS is well known for its the top edge after sales support!


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