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Christmas offer from BTMS

Christmas offer from BTMS

Take advantage of our limited time offer! Following the Christmas spirit we are giving you a gift. If you purchase any BTMS software system before the end of the year we will give you another one you need for free.


Choose two from the list below and pay only for one of them:

- B.T.M.S. Accounting

- B.T.M.S. Inventory

- B.T.M.S. Payroll

- B.T.M.S. Timesheet

- B.T.M.S. Garage

- B.T.M.S. POS (Point of Sales)

- B.T.M.S. ISO


Call us now at 22 00 00 44 and claim the softwares of your choice. 


*Offer is valid until 31/12/2016

**Product with the lower value comes free of charge.