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New important client Property Box Construction Ltd

New important client Property Box Construction Ltd

Property Box Construction Ltd is a construction company in Cyprus and its seat lies in Nicosia. According to its purpose, it is mobilized in the execution of construction projects of every nature, all over Cyprus as well as the undertaking of any operation related to the wider construction scope.

The technical know-how level of PropertyBox was acquired through a wide range of successfully completed projects covering various technical fields on building works, and special constructions.

The company in order to succeed high quality and to satisfy the demands of the contemporary construction use multiple methods such us concrete homes, timber homes and steel frame homes.

In the domain of constructions, the company takes over any kind of building projects and reconstructions of proprietary real estates or real estates of others (giving in exchange system), the sale of the erected buildings, as well as any kind of technical and structural projects according to the needs of each customer.