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New important client BD Barcode Distributors Ltd

New important client BD Barcode Distributors Ltd

BD Barcode Distributors Ltd is a Cyprus Based Company founded in 2012. The company represents, distributes and markets an extensive range of international and local brands of non-alcoholic beverages including a variety of world-known energy drinks, soft drinks, juices, water and more. Furthermore, the company is currently expanding its own private label line of detergents & consumables products; as well as related & side products, such as coffee, purees, frozen food & more, in order provide its customers a wide-ranging service.

Barcode is a newly founded but rapidly growing distributing company. Making its first steps in November 2012, the company has managed to make its existence felt and establish its presence in the local Beverage Industry, by becoming one of the local leading players in the market. Emphasizing on importing, promoting & distributing an expanding portfolio of strategically chosen brands, creating a wide product line and thus satisfying diverse needs of On & Off Trade Establishments.

The company’s initial competitive advantage, accelerating its success speed, as it is primarily active in all the on-trade premises of the Capital city of Cyprus (Nicosia), as well as the second largest city’s and most popular nightlife destination all year round (Limassol). The company’s clientele is comprised by a number of hot-spots including night-clubs, lounge-bars, event-planning arenas, restaurants and more, verifying the company’s strong and loyal networking.

BD Barcode distributes its products island-wide, utilizing its already established customers as its focal point of its Brand Development and thus managing to achieve a continuously growing Turnover.