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Interview with Mr. Panayiotis Savva from “H & H Accounting Services”

Interview with Mr. Panayiotis Savva from “H & H Accounting Services”

At B.T.M.S. we value the opinion of our customers. So we often visit them and ask for a few comments and thoughts about our software solutions and the level of our support. This week we visited Mr. Panayiotis Savva at “H & H Accounting Services”.

Mr. Savva is a Financial Accountant with broad experience in all aspects of accounting, auditing and financial management with direct experience with financial consulting and business planning.

He was more than happy to answer a few question regarding B.T.M.S.


  • What is the top advantage of B.T.M.S. company?

Your support level. Very friendly personnel and prompt response every time.


  • Which features make B.T.M.S. software special?

The fact that your software solutions are fully customizable and user friendly. We already asked for a few changes and additions which you implemented quickly and we are very satisfied.


  • Any other features that you find handy?

The V.A.T. reporting and the fact that your software is compatible and standardized according to Cyprus legislation and tax system.


  • You switched to B.T.M.S. from another software. Was it worth it and Why?

Yes indeed.  It was a good decision. Once more I would point out the support. We had so many issues with the previous software. We could wait hours or days to get help. With BTMS we get immediate response to our calls.

Plus it costs less for your annual support package.


  • Would you suggest B.T.M.S. to friends or collaborators?

Certainly! We are so satisfied with your service and your software that we would recommend it in any possible chance. As a matter of fact we already did a couple of times! Plus we would be happy to receive calls from any potential customers of yours to help them with any concerns they might have.


  • Which one is your favorite B.T.M.S. employee?

We are satisfied with all of BTMS personnel. But Costas is my favorite one!



We would like to thank Mr. Panayiotis Savva for taking the time to see us and answer our questions. We consider “H & H Accounting Services” a valued customer. Their suggestions since the day we had our first meeting really helped us improve our software.


H & H Accounting Services website: http://www.hhaccounting.com.cy/

Panayiotis Savva LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/psavvas