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New feature - Split!

New feature - Split!

At BTMS we constantly try to improve our software systems in order to offer our customers new features that will improve their daily business even further. This is the reason we are considered to be one of the top market solutions in Cyprus when it comes to accounting related software solutions.

One of the latest new features we implemented in our Financial Management System is the so called Split.

Split allows the user to create one payment entry for a cheque. When entering a bank transaction user can specify more than one debit accounts and the system will only credit the bank with the sum of debit account transactions. This obviously helps a lot when the time for bank reconciliation comes.

It can also be very handy when you have to enter a purchase invoice with multiple items on which a different VAT rate is applied. So again you end up with one entry on the supplier account and two or more different entries on the purchase or expenses account.