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Bookshelf Management System

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Bookshelf Management System

Bookshelf Management System is a software that handle the creation, saving and the control of all documents electronically. It gives a unique number for each document that saved into the system so the user can handle this document with multiple ways either by name or title or any keywords that the same user create. These documents can be categorized depent of the need of every company and also any kind of documents can be connect directrly to any kind of file.

BTMS Bookshelf management system is specially designed for Lawers that neeed every kind of laws, Articles, Judgements and any other kind of documents.Also, the system can by used by any kind of other industries such as accounting and auditing firms, real estate companies etc..



Features Checklist


Unique Number  for each document Categories depent on user difined fields
Easy Search - Super Search Sorting, Grouping, Filtering, drag and drop
Security for each account group Muliple Attachements
Any kind of file(pdf, docx, jpg, excel,etc) User defined fields


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